2021 Board Members

At its annual membership meeting Delaware Stonewall PAC, a Political Action Committee dedicating to supporting equality for the LGBTQ community, elected several new members to its Board. Erik Raser-Schramm, former  Chair of the Delaware Democratic Party, was elected as Political Vice-President.  Also added to the Board were Dwayne Bensing, ACLU legal staff member, and Anthony Purcell, a clinical social worker.

These three join, Peter Schott, reelected Chair, Scott Strickler, Treasurer and At-Large members Tara Sheldon and Martin Rendon.

In addition to the elections, members discussed legislative issues which the organization will pursue including preventing insurance companies from discriminating against persons who use PrEP, and eliminating a “gay panic” defense.  The PAC will also make efforts to make forced conversion therapy by parents into a crime of child abuse, and will work to pass legislation to protect transgender children in schools, and work towards allowing non-binary drivers licenses.

Schott said, “Following our election success last year including the election of 3 members of the LGBT community we are more confident that we can move forward with legislation which further protects the rights of our community.”

Assistance wanted for Delaware Stonewall PAC Endorsed Candidates


This year’s meeting will be virtual, so you must inform us if you will be attending so we can send you the zoom address.
The agenda will include:
  • review of ’20 election results
  • proposed agenda for ’21-’22 legislative agenda
  • election of Board
    • Chairman, Peter Schott
    • Political Vice-Chair, Erik Raser-Schramm
    • Secretary, Anthony Purcell
    • Treasurer, Scott Strickler
    • At-Large Board Members
      • Tara Sheldon
      • Marty Rendon
      • Dwayne Bensing
Special Guest:
Newly-elected State Rep. Eric Morrison, one of the open LGBT members elected in 2020 with the help of Stonewall members
If you are not a paid-up member please do so to help us this year. Visit our membership to join.

DE Stonewall PAC, YES image

We are very excited about the election results especially since we went from zero LGBTQ members of the State Legislature to three with the election of Sarah McBride, Marie Pinkney, and Eric Morrison. That with the addition of several other new forward-thinking individuals should help us with our expected legislative agenda for 2021. It turns out that 86% of our endorsed candidates won.

We believe that a lot of our success this past year comes from your work and support, and we certainly want to thank you. Hopefully, our annual meeting will take place around January 30th, but of course with everyone’s safety in mind, this is subject to change. At that meeting, we will be electing officers and recommending our legislative agenda which we will pursue during the next legislative session. You must be a member to vote, so sign up at to contribute.

We are looking for people who are willing to spend a few hours a month of commitment on our Board. The Board should reflect the diversity which exemplifies our State, so if you are interested, please contact Peter Schott, Delaware Stonewall PAC President at, or 302 827-2811.