Stonewall PAC Elects Officers, Sets Legislative Agenda

2021 Board Members

At its annual membership meeting Delaware Stonewall PAC, a Political Action Committee dedicating to supporting equality for the LGBTQ community, elected several new members to its Board. Erik Raser-Schramm, former  Chair of the Delaware Democratic Party, was elected as Political Vice-President.  Also added to the Board were Dwayne Bensing, ACLU legal staff member, and Anthony Purcell, a clinical social worker.

These three join, Peter Schott, reelected Chair, Scott Strickler, Treasurer and At-Large members Tara Sheldon and Martin Rendon.

In addition to the elections, members discussed legislative issues which the organization will pursue including preventing insurance companies from discriminating against persons who use PrEP, and eliminating a “gay panic” defense.  The PAC will also make efforts to make forced conversion therapy by parents into a crime of child abuse, and will work to pass legislation to protect transgender children in schools, and work towards allowing non-binary drivers licenses.

Schott said, “Following our election success last year including the election of 3 members of the LGBT community we are more confident that we can move forward with legislation which further protects the rights of our community.”

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