Stonewall’s Historic Endorsement

Delaware Stonewall is proud to endorse one of their own, State Senator Sarah McBride, in her historic effort to become the sole congressional representative in the United States Congress.

Delaware Stonewall PAC, which for the past 20 years has advocated on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community, is proud to endorse one of our own, State Senator Sarah McBride, in her historic effort to become Delaware’s sole congressional representative in the United States Congress.

Sen. McBride’s leadership in Delaware has shown our state first-hand the value of working together despite our differences. As a state senator, McBride has passed legislation expanding access to healthcare, implementing mental health and media literacy education in public schools, and advancing climate-conscious technologies. In her ambitious first term, Sen. McBride successfully shepherded the landmark Healthy Delaware Families Act into law, providing paid family and medical leave to workers throughout the state. In her campaign, she has demonstrated her commitment to curbing gun violence, ensuring that the economy works for the working class, and guaranteeing access to reproductive healthcare, all issues that disproportionately impact the LGBTQ+ community and people of color that Delaware Stonewall PAC represents.

We have no doubt that Sen. McBride will imitate her early successes as a legislator in the Delaware General Assembly within the halls of Congress. She has demonstrated a remarkable ability to work with others to bring communities together and enact legislation that recognizes the inherent worth of everyone.

While national discourse regarding the rights of LGBTQ+ community has been toxic, Sen. McBride’s historic candidacy to become the very first trans member of Congress is a beacon of hope for young Delawareans and other LGBTQ+ youth across the country. Sen. McBride’s candidacy is a shining example of the First State’s promise for all to live out their full potential. She possesses precisely the skills we need in Congress. Delaware Stonewall PAC is proud to enthusiastically endorse an eminently qualified candidate, a fierce advocate, and a friend, to represent us like no other person could. That’s why Delaware Stonewall PAC is endorsing Senator McBride and we implore all Delawareans to vote for her in 2024.

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