One week until election

Delaware Stonewall PAC

Only one week to go until Election Day, November 6, 2018.  It is vital that we get out the vote and support the candidates supported by the Delaware Stonewall PAC.

Here are the candidates we have endorsed:

US Senate                       Tom Carper

US House of Reps.          Lisa Blunt Rochester

Attorney General              Kathleen Jennings

Auditor                              Kathleen McGuiness

Treasurer                          Colleen Davis

Senate District 4               Laura Sturgeon
Senate District 6               David Baker
Senate District 10             Stephanie Hansen
Senate District 11             Bryan Townsend
Senate District 17             Trey Paradee

House District 6                Debra Heffernan
House District 8                Quinn Johnson
House District 9                Monique Johns
House District 10              Sean Matthews
House District 12              Krista Griffith
House District 14              Pete Schwartzkopf
House District 15              Valerie Longhurst
House District 19              Kimberly Williams
House District 20              John Bucchioni
House District 21              Mike Ramone
House District 22              Guillermina Gonzalez
House District 24              Ed Osienski
House District 25             John Kowalko
House District 26             John Viola
House District 31             Sean Lynn
House District 32             Andria Bennett
House District 36             Don Allen

Sussex Council District 4  Paulette Rappa

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