Stonewall for Bryan Townsend

The Diamond State sends just one representative to Congress, and we need to send our best. This year, the voters have a very competitive choice. Every election cycle, the Barbara Gittings Delaware Stonewall Democrats makes endorsements throughout the State, selecting candidates for office that have exhibited courage and actively advanced equality for the extended Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community. In this race, we proudly endorse Bryan Townsend.

We have great respect for Blunt-Rochester’s and Barney’s accomplishments and candidacies. We even endorsed Barney for Treasurer in 2014 in recognition of his dedication to our cause, his intellect, and his principles. However, Townsend comes out ahead. For years, Townsend has consistently stood strongly and proudly with our community, campaigning unabashedly for our equality behind the scenes and on the streets. From his emotional pro-equality testimony on the Senate floor, to counseling struggling youth, Townsend is always there.

Importantly, he has demonstrated true partnership, working hard to respect and thoroughly understand the needs and challenges of our community. This is how he approaches all problems, and all communities, earning him respect up and down the State. Townsend has also proven himself on issues of economic inequality, opportunity, education, industry, and healthcare. These are especially important matters to us as well. For example, the LGBT community endures a higher rate of poverty than the general population due to stigmas, job /wage discrimination, and healthcare access

Given this difficult choice between excellent candidates, we must also consider who would be the most effective coalition builder and change maker for us and the State. The choice here is clear: Townsend is the bold advocate that we want and need to represent Delaware in Congress. We need to vote for the candidate who has the greatest experience addressing all of Delaware’s challenges and opportunities. We urge any voter concerned with equality for all communities to support Townsend for Congress. Likewise, we urge any voter concerned with Delaware’s future to choose the best, and support Townsend for Congress.

Joseph Daigle
President, Barbara Gittings Delaware Stonewall Democrats
Westwood Manor, Wilmington


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