Delaware Stonewall PAC Endorses Sarah McBride

Delaware Stonewall PAC is proud to support Sarah McBride for Delaware State Senate District 1.  We celebrate the fact that if elected she would be the first transgender individual elected to a legislative position in Delaware.  But, we are also cognizant of the fact that she is a person who has excellent qualifications to serve in that capacity.

Ms. McBride understands the District well.  She has deep roots in the District, having been born and raised there, shares the values of people living in the District, and has demonstrated through her work and passion an interest in assuring everyone is treated equally.  Her history has also shown that Ms. McBride will be working to make sure we have an affordable health delivery system which works for all.

PAC President Peter Schott says that in addition to her State credentials, “Ms. McBride, has gained respect on the National level which can only ensure that Delaware’s voice will be heard and respected nationally and we know that all of us will be proud when she is elected as the Delaware State Senator from District 1.”

Delaware Stonewall PAC has for 16 years supported and assisted candidates who support policies which have a positive impact on the LGBTQ+ Community in Delaware.

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